COVID-19 Policies

What YOU need to do:

  • Use our provided hand sanitizer before playing or using our devices.
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and our staff.
  • Use the restroom BEFORE you come to our location. We do have a restroom you can use, but it is a public restroom shared between many of the other tenants in our building. While we will be spot-checking and disinfecting when we can, we do not have full control of the cleanliness of the shared restroom.
  • Do not be sick and expect to play. If you or anyone in your group are sick, please call us ¬†as early as possible to reschedule your game.
  • Cooperate with our staff at all times. We will be prioritizing safety until further notice. Arguing with our staff about the policies will not be tolerated. If anyone in your group does not cooperate with the rules presented, or begins arguing with our staff about them, that person will be asked to leave immediately.

What we're doing:

  • All of our staff have been vaccinated
  • Providing hand sanitizer in the lobby and escape rooms.
  • Offering private games, you will not be playing with strangers.

We will try to be as clear and transparent as possible about all rules and regulations. Please share this web-page with your entire group.